Key FunctionOverviewBenefits
Build a customer databaseCollect data and build your business with supportive customersOrganically grow your customer database of visitors who you can communicate with regularly
Create a customer revenue stream from building your databaseEach customer who signs up, gets you 50% of the first annual revenue and 25% thereafterThe more customers you sell the wristband as a product the more money you make
Create a communityAs you talk more with your customers and gain their feedback more regularly, they will feel more and more part of your shop communityYou can talk to and invite your customers to any activity that may help you to sell more products
Totally CustomizableYou can create and track as many activities within your business as you like. It is totally customizableThe more you engage with your customers, the more loyal they will become
Talk to your customers from the systemFrom the system, you can email as many times as you like to a customer list that you can filterGet your customers back into the shop more
‘Shop Run’Shop run is the term for a regular or weekly activity you do from the shop/storeCustomers attend your shop weekly giving you more chance to sell to them
Wristband works globally with other organizationsThe wristband will work with all participating Clubs, Open Water Swimming Venues, Coaches, Events, Charities nationally and internationallySo many compelling reasons to buy a wristband from your shop!
If a customer comes into buy a product and you don’t have that product how are you going to get this person’s details, sell to them before they leave and get them back?
Sell them a loyalty wristband with activities that you add while they are there, depending on their interest. See below our ideas…
Selling Methodology: Create activities that the shop can conduct regularly: EXAMPLES
1. Shop VisitLog every customer visitBuild your database, loyalty and see how many visits generates sales
2. Gait analysisYour staff are trained to give professional gait analysis and you add 5 of these to their personal activities worth £150 but they pay nothingEvery time they come for gait analysis you can upsell them to a new pair of shoes or just build more loyalty for the next time they need a pair
3. Coaches EveningYour local coaches can run these sessions and sell their services and build clientsYou give customers an added service or even book customers onto the 10 week programme that they buy as another shop product within the system
4. Shop RunYou invite your customers to a weekly activity session to train together to help start them off on a new training regime. They know the value but the credit is freeAdd these activities into their credits so that you can track when they come and how often. Always give them a value
5. Launch Coffee eveningsWhen your suppliers have a new product to launch you invite shop members but only those who have a wristband so that they can take advantage of discountsYour suppliers will see the value of this loyalty method and support you with more offers
6. Your very own annual shop eventHistorically shops support other events to find customers. The App allows you to create, set up and time your own events with built in results. This is a chargeable event with entry fees that you can chargeHave control of your event marketing from a robust shop database.
Generate your own revenue from entry fees.