Key functionOverviewBenefits
Organise your own OCR eventsRun your own timing solution - no need for third party costsSave money and generate revenue
Set up multiple scanning stationsNetwork devices by wi-fi for mobile networkAdd scanning stations in a larger geographical range
Run small training eventsWith as little as one device and starter park, allowing you to set up Micro eventsEnables your club members to participate in regular timed events and training
Useful for coaching individuals and groupsDetailed session histories and breakdown of race stages and transition timesDevelop and motivate your membership by using historical data to tailor training according to results
Multi discipline eventsSuitable for any combination of activitiesActivities can be in any order and unit of measurement
Flexible set upCreate your own Stages/Waves/TransitionsSet-up events to suit your organisation's needs
Lap timing and customised sessionsVersatile timing system and set-up allows anything from simple timing of laps, to more complex sessionsAllows you to track progress
Benefits for your club membersTrack your training and competition results across all three disciplines
See all your training and competition results in one place

More OCR events and OCR training available to attend

Improved regular communication with automatic email notes from your sessions and events