Customer FAQ's

I have registered and paid, how do I get my band?

Your band will be processed at your nominated venue and will be available for collection when you go along to your first activity.

I have lost/broken my Club Timing band? or how do I get a new band?

Pop down to your Club Timing venue and they can replace or provide you with a new band for a nominal cost.

Is the subscription annual or seasonal?

The subscription is annual.

How do I opt out of automatic renewal?

You simply go to your PayPal account and within the subscriptions section, cancel the renewal.
This will switch your membership to Annual renewal and your current year will not be affected.

How much is the Club Timing wristband?

The wristband is £12 to purchase annually.

I am not getting my emails, what can I do?

Firstly, please ensure that your email address is correct on your profile, secondly, check that you’ve added us to your safe senders’ list. If you still have a problem please contact us by emailing info@clubtiming.com

My personal/home/medical details have changed, what should I do?

Log in to your personal profile and update as necessary. It’s very important that your medical details are up to date at all times. Click here for log in page.

My swim time/distance was incorrectly recorded?

Sorry about that, please send us the details on the contact form and we’ll update your records.

Where can I use my Club Timing Band?
You can use your band at any participating venue including at any NOWCA open water swimming venue nationwide – Click here to find a venue.

Do I need a band for each venue?

Nope, you only need one band, your band.

Coaches FAQ's

I am a coach – how do I list myself on your website?

Tick the ‘become a coach’ button on the bottom right of your profile page.
Update all/any information – the more the better so customers can find you. If you tick the ‘publish’ box your details will be available for customers/venues to find you.
Please note – information on your coach profile will be public.

I am a coach listed on your website but my details are incorrect?

Please log into your account using the coaches profile tab, update the information – please remember this information will be public.

I am no longer a coach – how do I remove myself from the listing?

Please log into your account on the coaches profile tab, untick the publish box.

I am a coach and I’d like to suggest to my Tri Club to sign up to Club Timing?

Fantastic. Please ask your club secretary/chairperson to take a look at the benefits they can access and follow the this link to start the sign up process.

Venues FAQ's

How do I download it?

Just click on this link and follow the instructions.

What do I have to do?

Please take a moment to read through the terms and conditions and then take a look at the App.  Take a look at our demo settings, you’ll be amazed at what it can do for your club/shop/events/training sessions. Go ahead and get started. Once you’ve set yourself up, you can then invite all your members to sign up for their Club Timing band.

Will it work for us? We are a tri club/sports shop/coaches/event company?

Yes, it is designed for any activity whether you are planning clients’ training sessions/ running your first tri club event/ setting up a fundraising event/ creating bespoke events. You can track individuals performance, manage your customer communications and run your own events without the need for expensive chipped timing.

Can I see a demo?

Let’s book a date, please email info@clubtiming.co.uk.
We also have a demo site set up ready for you to have a play around in, it’s called the ‘Playground’. We’ll be happy to share the login details with you.

Can you tell me a little bit more about it?

Yes, of course. It’s an app designed for clubs, coaches, shops and events. It provides free race timing for small to medium-sized organisations that might find traditional chipped timing prohibitively expensive. It also instantly allows the operator to access safety information and manage people on site for any activity and thereafter from any connected device. Plus, for the benefit of you and your participants, all your activity/training logs and event results are now in one place – it’s great to see your own progress and it’s a great tool for your coaches too.

We know how expensive it is to run a club/events, so on top of that, there is also a regular commission payment to each organisation that joins Club Timing with their members/participants.

For your ease of use, it’s an app that you can download to any android device and use straightaway. We will send you scanners and bands to get you up and running, plus we have a full support team back at HQ to help you with any questions you might have.

Lastly, you get an online database of your members/participants and a full suite of reporting tools, just like you would expect for any business.

Will it run on any device?

The app will run on most android devices. We have tested on many devices and all android devices have worked so far.

How much are the scanners?

We give you the first scanner for free. If you need more scanners we can send them to you for £12 each.

I am running a fundraising event for my club, can I use it?

Yes, you can. It’s designed for any race or event of any distance, number of waves, stages, transitions, anything you like. Happy fundraising!